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Top Graphic Design Trends in 2018


Graphic design trends may come and go, but they definitely leave something behind. What used to be in fashion in 2017, may become completely dull in 2018. Even so, there are a few trends that have successfully stood the test of time. However, what’s important is the beginning of the new year, and it comes with great trends!


The “Glitch” Effect

This trend has been among the most popular ones lately. It seems that what was once annoying to the eye, has now become a desired effect.


The “Ruined” Effect

Sometimes destroying a perfect look can turn into something even more beautiful. Everything that includes splashing, ripping off and breaking (pretty much any form of ruining the aesthetics) is considered to be modern this year.


“Color Channels” Effects

Designers have been playing a lot with color channels, creating great illusions. It could be a holograph, a hallucination, or a distorted reality.


Double Exposure

This trend has been a thing for several years now, and even though some designers have put it aside for a while, there is a clear rise of interest in it at the moment.


Double Exposure Duotone

The “I’m seeing double” is a combination between Double Exposure and Duotone, plus using color channels. To make it easier to understand, it is achieved by doubling the image or using two different images that overlap in monochrome colors.

Double Light

This effect transforms simple compositions into new, modern looking ones. The effect can be achieved with two sources of light, or color channel splitting and the results can be quite amazing.


Creative Typography

This trend has been taking the leading position for several years and it’s not going down. In this technique, imagination is your strongest asset. It can be combined with other techniques or used alone in the design. In both cases, it impresses as it is truly eye catching.


Cropped Typography

This trend was hot in 2017 and it still is in 2018. It requires a lot of creativity and professionalism, as parts of the letters need to be erased while still keeping the readability of the words.


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