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Realtime Symmetry Painting (Photoshop)


What does this template do ?
This template enables you to start painting symmetrically in real-time, without worrying about mirroring your final work or using smart objects or actions.

What kind of symmetry ?
Vertical – Horizontal – Radial [both horizontal and vertical].

Technical features:

  • Resolution: 2048×2048 [changeable].
  • Files included: 6 PSD files (with / without transparent BG) – Help text file.
  • Photoshop version: Photoshop cc with 3d features.

Known Restrictions:

  • can’t use symmetry with tools that require its own layer such as [text – shapes].
  • can’t create a new layer and start painting [you have to duplicate the background layer which has symmetry enabled].

Related Tools / Actions:
Subtract Background Adaptive Action Set

Bump to Normal Map