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Contact Form 7 Manual Spam Blocker (WordPress)


Contact Form 7 Manual Spam Blocker WordPress Plugin

Contact Form 7 Manual Spam Blocker is an easy-to-use plugin to block all those spammers who manually fill out forms on your website.It provides with an extra tab on each Contact Form 7 (CF7) edit screen where you can set block conditions for each input field in the form.Spammer usually can be identified with the continuous, unwanted contact form submission on your website who include some sort of marketing text in their message, e-mail are usually from the same domain.Each time you find a new spammer irritating you, just add another line in the block settings and show them a harsh spam message.

Get Started

  • Step #1: Edit any CF7 form and click on Block Spam tab.
  • Step #2: Choose a condition to block the manual spammers “Value Equals to” or “Value Contains” for each input field.
  • Step #3: Enter the message to be shown to the spammer. You may want to abuse the bloody ones!
  • Step #4: Enter the input values to be blocked, one entry per line and just Save it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of fields I can set SPAM blocking for?

We have allowed spam blocking on text, email, textarea, url and tel fields of Contact Form 7 (CF7). For the sake of ease few field types (select, checkbox, radio, captcha, number) are not enabled.

How to block big message in textarea input?

To block SPAMMING in textarea field you should choose blocking condition “Value Contains” and use a small and important phrase from the SPAM message you receive.


Version 1.0 | 11 September 2017

        First Tested release
        Simple yet robust