Keeping people on your website

Having a good website is essential for any business or organisation. Websites are swiftly becoming the key intersection between a company and the public that they hope to reach. And although attracting people to your website is undoubtedly the number one objective, also important is the ability to sustain your audience’s interaction with the site.

Understanding bounce rate

Bounce rate signifies how quickly a user leaves a website upon arrival. According to Google Analytics, this is measured by the percentage of visitors to a website who leave after seeing just one page.

If someone leaves a website swiftly that either signifies that they couldn’t find what they were looking for, or that the website was difficult to navigate. So here are a few tips to help ensure that you don’t suffer a high ‘bounce rate’.

Attracting the correct audience

Often, people will leave a page because they quickly realise that the site doesn’t provide their desired information. This is often due to the incorrect use of keywords or vague meta-descriptions for search engine users. So be sure to streamline any tags to the bare essentials of what makes your website unique.

Special offers

Everyone likes to feel valued, and so make sure that there is something quickly identifiable as a special reason to stay on the site. For example, Uptown Aces offers members free play into tournaments to win real cash. Such offers encourage people to not only sign up, but also to keep coming back for more!

Custom Mobile Apps


Although many websites gain their revenues through on-page advertising, it’s very important to make sure that such adverts don’t deter any users. Few things are more annoying than unwelcome pop-ups or splash pages, especially when they use auto-loading media that delays the page’s loading speed.

Clear navigation

Being able to quickly understand what’s on a website is incredibly important to retaining a new user. Keeping a simple navigation pane at the top of the page, with the main content being located centrally, and with any supplementary content such as links or adverts to the side is the best way of ensuring that the user can instantly find the desired information.

Good design

Whilst everyone may have differing opinions of what constitutes good design, there are a few simple tricks to ensure that your site is aesthetically appealing. Many sites like BBC News feature black text on a white background for the simple reason that it makes the content highly readable. And by implementing simple devices such as headings and bullet points into paragraphs of text, you’ll again ensure that the user has a more much enjoyable experience on your site.