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When it comes to building an interactive website, Wix is no. 1 Website Builder for your business. They’re platform is ideal for users looking to make a visually perfect website that will encourage visitors to interact. The Wix website builder works well for building sleek artists’ portfolios, restaurant sites, and small business sites that are focused on engaging users and encouraging them to easily shift between site pages.

Wix platform was founded in 2006 and it help over 67 million users to easily build a website for them or they’re business.

During the past few years we’ve seen tremendous growth in Wix; these were years of expansion and growth for the company – Wix acquired Appixia, introduced a series of powerful business management apps, improved eCommerce, developed the Mobile Solution and they also aired their first ever Super Bowl commercial.

For many of us, Wix has become a synonym for website builder. The question that pops in everyone’s mind: “is it as good as it’s advertised?”.

We think that it has some amazing features and this are some of the reasons you shout give it a try:

1.    Very easy to use

Wix is probably one of the most user-friendly website builders. It employs a drag-and-drop editor that supports in-line editing providing a total WYSIWYG experience. In other words, it lets you see your site as you build it, without having to preview your work in a new window.

While with many popular website builders you can drop the elements to certain areas/blocks only, with Wix you’re free to place those literally anywhere on the page. This approach is also known as ‘absolute positioning’, and unfortunately, it makes it impossible to transfer your content to another Wix theme, since it is literally scattered all over the page and has no fixed structure. This method gives users full creative freedom, but from our experience this will raise some issues in the future.

At the start of 2015, the platform gain a new dashboard, that make it even easier for the users to manage they’re websites.

2.    Flexibility has a lot to offer to it’s clients. Even their absolutely free plan has a quite advanced list of included features: hundreds of beautiful templates, blogging, a great selection of widgets and apps etc. If you need a simple static site or a blog, the free version will certainly handle it.

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Custom Mobile Apps

If you’re looking to extend your website further with things like forums, guestbooks, membership pages or online booking, it’s all possible thanks to the Wix App Market. There are free and paid apps developed either by Wix or third-party providers. The App Market makes Wix suitable for building different types of websites, from simple portfolios to feature-heavy sites. Some of the most popular apps include: Get Subscribers (a sign-up form), 123 Form builder, Instagram Feed, Events Calendar and Comments, among others.

3.    Designs

In our opinion, has some of the best templates in the market. Their designers constantly update the library. There are hundreds of beautiful themes in over seventy industry categories: Business & Services, Hotels, Music, Entertainment, Photography, Online Shop, Personal and many other.

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There are also blank templates – you can start from scratch or choose an empty layout. For small projects and temporary sites Wix designers drew a collection of amazing one-page templates.

4.    Customer Support

When you work, you will receive a lot of directions cues and prompts. Each editable element in your design includes a question mark – just click it to get additional information and practical advice. Learn as you build.

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5.    Pricing has 4 payed plans and one FREE, the option to pay monthly or yearly and you can change your plan anytime. The main differences between Wix’s free and premium websites is that the free versions feature “Powered by Wix” ads on them, and prevent you from linking the site to your own domain.

The premium plans will include increased storage, bandwidth, and access to advanced features, come in a few different flavors to suit the needs of various users.


Most website builders only allow you to build static pages, but allows you to transition between web pages interactively (such as shifting the pages across the screen from one page to the next).

This in combination with visually impressive images can really set your website apart from others.

Another differentiation between Wix and other website builders is that they have an App Market with more than 270 Apps for you to integrate into your website.

We encourage you to check this amazing website builder and let us know what you think.

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