About us

About us, what could be said about us … Maybe too many! So I start whit the beginning and let you the opportunity for further opinions.
We, Ionut and Mihai, are two ambitious guys , full of life and a strong desire for affirmation, which prompted us to do, for the start, this ‘chill-space’ in which we would like you to search a little relaxation , fun, chase boredom or whatever you want you to do at that time. So we try to provide for you the latest, most interesting and most requested movies, games, software, or other things you might find interesting.
At the moment we are to the start of the road and we need a little help from you, and if you need something, whatever that means, you can suggest, or send a request to us and we will posted on the site or will transfered to you.
With a state of optimism, a huge ambition and a lot of motivation we want to become your first option in relaxing you and in also, learning many interesting things. In this way I hope all of you will share our dreams with us and maybe we can help or we will fulfill one.

With respect for you,

We bow!